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This is the man who shaped us, built us, into what we are today. Ian Hunter resides in the soul of our whisky, and in the Laphroaig Ian Hunter Book 4: Malt Master, we honour his memory with a whisky every bit as rare and distinctive as him. Book 4: Malt Master is a tribute to Hunter’s love for being boldly different, this is a whisky with real character born of the signature Laphroaig peat.

  • Aged for 34 years
  • Matured in ex-Bourbon barrels and Oloroso Sherry casks
  • Signature American white oak casks
  • Limited edition
  • Collectable aged whisky
  • Fourth installment in the Ian Hunter series


  • Honey

    Black Pepper

    Peach and orange blossom

    The signature Laphroaig peat

    Wood smoke finisht


Ian Hunter History

Ian Hunter is the man who made Laphroaig what it is today. He was an uncommon soul, with his own distinct manners and moods, not too unlike the whisky he gave to the world. We honour his memory with this series of rare and collectable aged whiskies in his name. Book 4: Malt Master, the latest in our limited series, celebrates Ian Hunter’s establishing of our malting floors and his legacy as the Malt Master of Laphroaig.


Ian secured the distillery’s lease in 1922, broke into America in the time of Prohibition, was the catalyst for a revolution in the use of American White Oak and is the reason why we are still among a handful of distilleries to maintain our own malting floors today. He put his heart and soul into ensuring Laphroaig was a whisky like no other.

 Rare and distinctive whisky

In Ian Hunter Book 4 we pay tribute to Ian Hunter’s dedication to Laphroaig with a whisky every bit as rare and distinctive as he is. This 34-year-old single malt was carefully crafted from our own floor-malted barley and aged in the American White Oak casks Hunter was first to procure. Perhaps not for everyone, but for the discerning few, this will be a taste like no other. We invite you to enjoy.

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