Distillery Manager in Laphroaig´s Bay with a Dram

You asked the questions, and now he’s answered them. Get to know the man behind the distillery doors a little better with this exclusive Q&A with Distillery Manager Barry MacAffer, only available for Friends of Laphroaig.

Don Hanna asked: What are your hobbies?

Barry MacAffer: I love to travel, especially if it involves an adventure on my motorbike. Me and my partner Lily will jump on the bike whenever we can. I’m also a big film buff; if I had to choose a favourite film it would be Forrest Gump.


Petter Kilander asked: When is the best time of the year to visit Laphroaig?

Barry MacAffer: I’d say spring or autumn, mostly because of the Islay weather. In spring there’s a nice balance of peace and quiet and the buzz and excitement of a new season coming up after what is normally a long winter. In autumn it’s nice to put your feet and relax after the summer rush and enjoy the last of the nice weather before it turns again.


Ramon de Koster asked: What is your fondest memory at Laphroaig?

Barry MacAffer: This is a hard one, I’ve made so many fantastic memories over the years. When I worked on the malt floors, I had a lot of fun. The team were excellent, and every day was full of hilarity, mischief and hard work that kept me in much better shape than today.


Mattias Heymans asked: What is your favourite spot on Islay?

Barry MacAffer: It depends on time of year. In the spring I would say the Cairnmore Woods as you can really see the colours of the bluebells starting to come through. In summer I like to go to the Number One Garden and sit back with a refreshing drink in the sun whilst watching the paddle boarders. The Laphroaig Woods are lovely in autumn, you can really appreciate all the colour changes that take place. My wardrobe is basically all the colours of autumn, I’m not every adventurous with my attire. In winter the point of the Ard in Port Ellen is a great spot for watching the storms roll in.


Hannah Bartee asked: What is your favourite word to describe the flavour of Laphroaig?

Barry MacAffer: Audacious!

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Get to know our iconic Islay distillery a little bit better

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