10 Year Old Sherry Oak Finish

70cl 48% vol

Aged for ten years and finished in sherry casks, this unique Laphroaig expression combines the unforgettable flavor of our classic 10 year old whisky with the sweetness and complexity of Oloroso. Notes of Manuka honey, grilled bacon and maple syrup meet the classic peat smoke and seaweed that Laphroaig is famous for.

The whisky is crafted in the same time-honored way as our regular 10 year old single malt before resting in carefully selected sherry casks. Each one is carefully chosen to complement and lend complexity to our quintessential single malt. The barrels are crafted from European oak, and previously filled with sweet Oloroso sherry to bring a rich, full-bodied flavor profile to this single malt Scotch. 


  • Classic Laphroaig flavors elevated with subtle sherry sweetness

  • Peaty and medicinal whisky with notes of Manuka honey and bacon 

  • Aged for ten years in refill sherry and ex-Bourbon barrels 

  • Finished in European oak Oloroso sherry barrels 

  • Bottled and released in 2020


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Perfect Harmony

10 Year Old Sherry Oak

Laphroaig Sherry Oak Finish marries the distinctive taste of our 10 year old single malt with the sweetness of European oak Oloroso barrels.  

Alongside the unforgettable flavors of Laphroaig — medicinal and smoky with a hint of seaweed — this single malt Scotch has notes of Manuka honey and maple syrup sweetness. This is anchored by savory notes of leather and bacon, making this a truly complex and full-bodied dram.  

This whisky is the perfect choice for those who have tried and loved Laphroaig 10, and now want to expand their horizons. It's best served neat: simply add a splash of fresh water or a cube of ice, if you prefer.  

Made with the utmost care

Taste of Islay

Made in a time-honored way laid down by two centuries of master distillers, Laphroaig Sherry Oak Finish starts the same way as our other single malt scotch whiskies. The malted barley is cold-smoked and dried over a peat fire, where it picks up the distinctive smoky flavor which makes our peated whisky so beloved. 

After distillation, the spirit matures for ten years in a combination of refill Oloroso sherry barrels and American oak ex-bourbon barrels. For its final transformation, it's moved into European Oak Oloroso sherry barrels where it takes on and develops sweet and spicy aromas — along with a deep amber color like liquid gold. 

 Laphroaig has been producing award winning whisky on the Isle of Islay since 1815. This remote island sits off the west coast of Scotland, and its shores are lapped by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Islay's natural features make Laphroaig whiskies truly special, from the peat which fuels our fires to the crisp, clean water of the Kilbride Stream. You can taste Scotland in every sip. 


  • Colour

    Tawny, Auburn

  • NOSE
    Sweet and peaty with medicinal notes of Manuka honey, hospital bandages, antiseptic lotion, Germolene, strong cloves aroma but also grilled smoky bacon, a distinctive character of sweet leather, iodine and pine tar.
  • BODY

    Long sweet and spicy with chestnut honey and antiseptic aroma lingering.

    Finished in European oak Oloroso sherry barrels.
    Sweet and aromatic, with rich wax and furniture polish notes followed by treacle toffee, maple syrup, bitter dark chocolate combined with pencil shavings, pine needle and cedar scented wood.