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In 1815, Laphroaig was founded on the Isle of Islay by former farmers, the Johnston brothers. Perhaps distilling whisky was always in their blood, no one knows for sure. But one thing’s for certain – had they chosen to grow feed for cattle instead of barley for whisky, Friends of Laphroaig around the world would be woefully disappointed. 



A native of the island, Barry MacAffer joined the distillery in 2011 working on the malt floors and in the warehouse. He became Assistant Manager in 2016, then Distillery Manager in 2022. Barry worked closely with former Distillery Manager John Campbell, and served as his deputy for the last five years of his management.  Barry’s mission focusses on community and creating a more premium experience for the Friends of Laphroaig, while making it accessible to people all over the world. It also means reinforcing the bond with our local community and ensuring Laphroaig plays a big part in supporting its growth and security.   Above all, Barry is dedicated to maintaining Laphroaig’s quality and high standards. He is excited about leading the team into a new era of opportunity and expansion. We can’t think of a better person to do it. 

Distillery Manager Barry MacAffer smiling in front of a whisky barrel shelf
Assistant Manager Pamela Ferguson smiling while holding a filled dram

Pamela Ferguson

Assistant Distillery Manager

Pamela joined us in 2022 and is the first female in the Laphroaig management team since Bessie Williamson took over as manager in 1938. Starting at Beam Suntory as a tour guide, she then became Bowmore Site Manager. An expert in developing and improving standards and systems, Pamela keeps us efficient and safe while never letting our quality drop. She is as committed to honouring the legacy of our whisky as she is to building an inclusive environment in which all Laphroaig employees can contribute and thrive. Fun fact – she’s also fluent in Gaelic.  Laphroaig’s whisky-making tradition has been passed down by distillery managers since its beginnings in 1815. Our legends have each left their special mark on Laphroaig to make it the beloved whisky it is today, and we look forward to seeing how Pamela leaves hers. 

Caroline Morris

Distillery Site Administrator

Born and brought up on Islay on a farm not far away on The Oa, Caroline is known as the ‘mum of Laphroaig’. She has worked at the distillery since 1990 and her role has changed over the years. She started on the production side of things, before spending time in the Visitor Centre running tours and looking after Friends of Laphroaig. She remembers when the first ‘Friends’ were handwritten into a small book in 1994 – there are now more than 525,000 Friends worldwide. Caroline now holds the role of Site Administrator.  Welcoming visitors to the distillery is one of her favourite things to do as she enjoys seeing how happy people are to be at Laphroaig. Caroline is famous for her friendly welcome…and for always having a Cliff Richard calendar hanging on the wall in her office. 

Laphroaig site administrator Caroline Morris smiling
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We’re born with the purpose to bring everyone together over the best dram of Islay whisky in the world

Barry MacAffer
Distillery Manager


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