Laphroaig a5 tartan notebook open
Checkered whisky tasting notebook on a wooden table with a pen on top and a filled dram beside it

Laphroaig Notebook A5

Where better to express how our whisky makes you feel than in a tartan-bound branded notebook? 

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People enjoying a glass of Laphroaig Cairdeas

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Creating Laphroaig

A step-by-step guide on how we make our whisky.

Multi-layered, unique, considered and complex. Our process is just like our flavour experience.

Picture of a man hammering a Laphroaig barrel on dark green background with a Laphroaig Distillery stamp on it

Join the Party At Fèis Ìle

Learn all about the traditional annual festival that celebrates Islay, her culture and whisky. 

The distillery of Laphroaig in Islay