Image of Laphroaig accessory Decanter with box
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Decanter And Box

Show off your favourite Laphroaig in its own special crystal decanter.

Image of merchandise Decanter with open bottle on velvet cloth

A classic in the Art of Whisky

If a classic is defined as something that stands the test of time, we would humbly say that with over two hundred years of distilling experience, Laphroaig must surely be a classic work in the art of whisky.

It’s why we so carefully crafted a presentation box worthy of our crystal decanter. From the gold inlayed lettering to the signature green hue of the exterior, every portion of the set has been purposefully created to satisfy and entertain the senses.

Our lead-free crystal decanter was born from the hands of master glassware experts at Glencairn Glass. Because of course, we believe a classic such as Laphroaig deserves nothing less.

After you pour yourself your favourite dram of Laphroaig, take a moment to admire the golden honey hues of whisky as they paint the interior of the decanter, then settle to the bottom like a calming ocean.

And with your first sip, you’ll find art this beautiful, has never tasted so good.

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