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The 1815 Legacy Edition

Laphroaig 1815 is a tribute to two centuries of master distillers. Perfectly balanced with bitter, sweet and smoky flavours. Our legacy in a bottle.​


We don’t just remember them. We honour them with Laphroaig 1815. This legacy whisky was developed by the living legend and former Distillery Manager, John Campbell. It’s named after the year our craftspeople first set foot in the distillery, combining skills and techniques passed down generations. ​ ​ Its fine flavour begins on our traditional malting floor, where barley is gently dried and infused by thick smoke from our peat kilns. Then it’s mixed with crisp waters from the Kilbride Stream before being distilled. Matured in two types of oak to unite our signature smoky character with notes of charred raisin and caramelized dark fruit. ​ ​ A worthy dram that’s perfect for fans of our 10 Year Old malt who’d like to try something different. ​

A dram filled with Laphroaig 1815 next to white chocolate pieces and biscuits


Color of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Deep, warming sunset orange.

Aroma of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Whiffs of our signature peat smoke with burnt apricot and raisins. ​

Tasting Notes of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Broad and soft oak, rich caramelised dark fruit and a lively dried fruitiness. ​

Finish of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Lingering nuts, peat and oiled wood. 

Maturation of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Aged in first-fill Bourbon barrels then new European oak hogsheads. ​

Brand Story

Get to know us a bit better ​

Can’t get enough of our peaty dram? We don’t blame you. Learn about how it started, how we make it and how to drink it.
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Can’t get enough of our peaty dram? We don’t blame you. Learn about how it started, how we make it and how to drink it.

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