How do I collect points on purchase?

You can collect points for every Laphroaig purchase that you make by:

  • Uploading a photo of your receipt.
  • Entering the unique number from the booklet in your packaging
  • Buying a bottle in the webshop (points automatically applied)


Use the “Collect Points on a Purchase” widgets on your account homepage to upload a receipt or enter a unique number from a booklet.


How many points will I earn for my purchase?

The point value of each purchase is dependent upon the item you buy:

  • 100 points: Laphroaig 10 or Laphroaig Select
  • 500 points: all whiskies 25 years or older
  • 200 points: all remaining Laphroaig products


The point values are applicable to webshop purchases and scanned receipts only. You will earn 100 points when entering a unique number from the booklet in your packaging, regardless of the product.


Are there opportunities to earn points without purchase?

Yes! In addition to earning points from purchases, you can earn points by completing the following activities:

  • Attending a paid experience (tour or tasting) at our distillery on Islay (200 points; limit 1x per calendar year).
    • Visit our Tours page to book your experience. Use the same email address as your Friends of Laphroaig account login for points to apply automatically.
  • Referring a friend to the Friends of Laphroaig program. You’ll earn points when your friend signs up (10 points; limit 2x per calendar month) and an additional 20 points when your friend makes their first purchase.
    • Visit the Invite A Friend Activities widget on your account homepage to access your referral link.
  • We will also invite you to participate in various other point-earning activities, such as watching videos, taking surveys, or attending virtual events throughout the duration of your membership.


Can I redeem my points for rewards?

Points cannot be redeemed for rewards. Instead, as you accumulate points, you will progress through different tiers of membership, unlocking new benefits as you go. See table below for the benefits you’ll earn as you enter each tier.


What do I get for my points?

The Friends of Laphroaig program contains three tiers, each with a different point value, that unlock an exciting set of benefits.



Do my points expire?

The points you earn are yours to keep for life. However, Smoke and Oak benefits will expire after one year if you haven’t earned the points required to maintain your tier status. If you’re subscribed to emails, we’ll notify you when points are needed to maintain your status.


Why doesn’t my tier level reflect my point balance?

Points will never expire, so it’s possible to rack up thousands of points over time. (Heck, we’d love to see you reach 1 million lifetime points!) However, you’ll need to earn a certain number of points within a one-year timeframe in order to progress to a new tier or retain your current status:

  • Peat: members who’ve earned 0-249 points within the last year
  • Smoke: members who’ve earned 250-499 points within the last year
  • Oak: members who’ve earned 500 or more points within the last year


What’s the difference between “lifetime points” and my current points balance?

Lifetime Points are the total number of points you’ve earned since joining the Friends of Laphroaig programme. Your Current Points Balance (as shown in emails) is the number of points you’ve earned during a one-year timeframe; this balance determines your tier level.


Why won’t my receipt upload?

When uploading a copy of your receipt, please ensure that your photo:

  • Is well lit, with the receipt in focus
  • Clearly shows the Store Name, Receipt #, Date/Time, Laphroaig Product Name, and Purchase Total


Your receipt may be denied if it doesn’t meet these requirements. If you’ve met all requirements and are still having trouble, please submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page and select “Friends of Laphroaig” from the dropdown menu.