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Cairdeas Port & Wine

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Friends of Laphroaig exclusive


Each year our Distillery Manager, John Campbell, crafts a limited edition malt to celebrate the friends of Laphroaig and friendship (“Càirdeas” in Gaelic) in general. Càirdeas 2020 is a marriage of our distinctive single malt Scotch aged in two different types of wood. While some matures in our typical way, in charred ex-Bourbon barrels, the rest is poured into second fill ruby Port barriques. Both are blended together to finish their maturation in red wine casks. This particular aging method lends honeyed sweetness, dark chocolate richness and pink peppercorn spice to the signature Laphroaig taste of medicinal smoke and ocean salt. Here's to friendship.


  • Celebration of friendship developed by Laphroaig's Distillery Manager 

  • Smoky and medicinal with notes of honey, chocolate and pink peppercorn 

  • Matured in ex-Bourbon barrels and ruby Port barriques 

  • The blended whisky finishes aging in red wine casks 

  • Limited edition 2020 bottling


Make your bottle as bold as our flavour

Bold, unique, and uncompromising: A bottle of Laphroaig is a truly thoughtful gift. Now, it can be all those things plus a little more. With our new bottle engraving and gift wrapping, the gift of Laphroaig has leveled up. These new features are exclusively available on our site, and just in time for the holidays. Say sláinte with Laphroaig, and so much more with the bottle.


Wrap your Laphroaig with love

When it comes to giving, no perfect gift is complete without thoughtful wrapping to match. We’re excited to introduce special gift wrapping and a personalized card, available for any bottle of Laphroaig purchased on our site. Whether wrapping is a wee bit tough for you, or you simply want to make the moment more memorable, your Laphroaig is wrapped with passion and precision, and a completely unique paper to boot



We would never expect a bottle of Laphroaig to last a long time. It’s a wee bit too tasty. But with our new bottle engraving, you can add a message that lasts forever. From important dates to inside jokes, or even a simple “I love you,” a special message on your bottle is as meaningful as the spirit itself. So even after the good stuff is gone, you’ll have a sentiment that outlasts the Scotch.


  • Colour

    Rose Gold

  • NOSE
    Dark chocolate and menthol with pink peppercorns. Toasted peaches and charred marshmallows and hint of plum jam, all intertwined with Iodine rich peat smoke.
  • BODY

    Full bodied.

    Mouth Warming and mouth coating with a lingering finish and slat on the lips
    Honey Sweet with medicinal smoke.
    Second-fill Ruby Port barriques and ex-bourbon barrels, finished in red wine casks
    Neat or with ice

Celebration of friendship


Laphroaig Càirdeas is a limited edition expression of our Single Malt Scotch, crafted once a year by our Distillery Manager John Campbell. Its name — Càirdeas — is Gaelic for friendship, and this unmissable bottle is a celebration of the friends we've made over the years. What better excuse to raise a glass with those closest to you?

Càirdeas 2020 has a complex flavor profile thanks to its unique aging process. The medicinal and smoky flavor Laphroaig is known for is amplified by notes of rich chocolate, sweet honey and spicy pink peppercorn. This dram is best served neat or poured over ice. 


Behind the Taste


Celebrating the idea of coming together, Laphroaig Càirdeas marries two expressions of our single malt Scotch whisky. Part is aged in our time-honored way, using ex-Bourbon barrels that have been charred to impart notes of toasty vanilla. The rest is poured into ruby Port barriques, where it picks up hints of the dessert wine's jammy flavors. After maturation, the spirits are blended together and finished in red wine casks for a final hit of fruit flavor.  

The Laphroaig Distillery has been winning friends all over the world since 1815, when it first opened its doors on the rugged isle of Islay — just off Scotland's west coast. The natural features of the island lend themselves well to whisky making. Our malt is toasted over fires fueled by peat from the island's bogs, and it's then mixed with the crisp and clear water from the Kilbride stream before distillation. This, alongside the passion of generations of master distillers, is what makes Laphroaig so unforgettable.  

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