25 Y/O The Bessie Williamson story

70cl 43% vol



This super-premium 25-year-old Laphroaig ® celebrates the life of Bessie Williamson, an icon of Laphroaig ® and the first female distillery manager to own and run a Scotch whisky distillery in the 20th century – no mean feat in an industry dominated by men. She came to embody everything we know and love about Laphroaig ®; warm and rich with that unmistakable Islay character. This is a tribute to Bessie and all that she made at Laphroaig ® . Laphroaig ® 25 Year Old, The Bessie Williamson Story, will be available exclusively in Global Travel Retail.


This Laphroaig® 25 Year Old is perfect for single malt enthusiasts who enjoy savouring the finer things in life.

  • Enthusiasts of super-premium single malt select their whisky for their own pleasure. They look for skilfully made products that they can savour, and value the history and heritage in the brands that they choose.

  • These sophisticated drinkers of single malt are more knowledgeable about whisky and therefore seek complex flavours like the rich peat found in Laphroaig®. *Beam Suntory Global Consumer Segmentation Study 2017


DISCOVER A GENUINE EXPRESSION OF BESSIE WILLIAMSON’S ENDURING LEGACY WITH THIS BEAUTIFULLY MATURED LAPHROAIG® 25 YEAR OLD A whisky of true significance; commemorating Bessie Williamson, it speaks to her success, her unique role on Islay and her lasting impact on the Laphroaig ® distillery. This expression has been aged in refill American oak hogsheads and refill barrels to allow the liquid’s individual character to shine through. The result is a whisky of lingering warmth and unmistakable character – a genuine expression of Bessie’s friendliness, individuality and strength.


LAPHROAIG® IS A GLOBALLY RECOGNISED DISTILLERY, THANKS TO BESSIE Bessie Williamson arrived on Islay during the summer of 1934 and heard of a post available at the Laphroaig® distillery for a shorthand typist. Shortly after securing the job, her hard-working nature led her to become office manager. When Ian Hunter, the distillery manager, became ill, he placed the seal of ultimate trust in her hands and she assumed control of the distillery, his family business that had existed since the early 19th century. It was under Bessie’s direction that the Laphroaig® distillery saw marked upgrading and success overseas, allowing the whisky to be enjoyed to this day. Thanks to her strong business acumen, she was also appointed ambassador to North America by the Scotch Whisky Association.



Laphroaig 25 YO The Bessie Williamson Story is exclusively distributed by Travel Retail distributors.

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  • Colour

    Pale Gold

  • NOSE
    Peaty with spicy and floral notes. Sweeter notes of pear drops, green apples and bonbons that add to a sweet malty backcloth.
  • BODY

    Full bodied

    Warming and long lasting with floral and coastal notes
    Salty tar oil paste, sweet herbs and spices, acacia honey, tomato leaves and black pepper. Coastal notes with peat sweetness and earthiness bring the classic Islay spirit.