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Ian Hunter Book 5: Enduring Spirit

This 34-year-old ex-bourbon barrel matured single malt is the fifth and final release in our series of rare and collectable aged whiskies to celebrate the story of the legendary Ian Hunter.

Quote from Distillery Manager Barry Macaffer

“I do genuinely believe this is a dram Ian Hunter would be proud of. The traditions that he’s laid down are exactly what you get in this glass.”  

Barry MacAffer

Ian hunter 5 tasting Video

A nose as complex as its flavour, Ian Hunter Book Five had Distillery Manage Barry MacAffer going back for more: “With Laphroaig at 34 years old, it really does evolve and open up in the glass, so each time you delve back in [to nose it] you find something new. I could just keep nosing and nosing!”


Book Five: Enduring Spirit is the culmination of our Ian Hunter series, a collection of aged single malts celebrating and paying homage to the lasting impact that one remarkable man had on Laphroaig’s history. This final release celebrates the lasting legacy of the final member of the Johnston family to own and manage the Laphroaig distillery. This is an exceptionally rare whisky in a very limited series – owning it is to own part of our history and our heritage.
Ian Hunter had astounding vision for Laphroaig’s future, and he nurtured its growth alongside the rich heritage of Islay and its people. Thanks to this dedication and passion, the Scotch whisky you enjoy today boasts such a distinctive flavour that sets it apart from the crowd.

It was he who introduced the American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels to our maturation process following his travels to the United States, and he who established our malting floors that we use to this day. Ian’s vision and influence gives our whisky its iconic flavour and continues to direct our distillery’s practices and techniques, both from the infrastructure he put in place and the legacy he left behind for all generations of our distillery team to be inspired by.

The fifth and final instalment in this iconic series is a 34-year-old single malt with intriguing flavours of classic Laphroaig peat combined with accents of fruity blueberry and sweet, rich butterscotch. This combination of classic and modern flavours showcases the evolving vision and individuality that Ian Hunter had in mind for Laphroaig whisky, making it certainly a legacy of spirit that will endure.

Ian hunter book 5 bottle and pack with entire series

Tasting Notes

Color of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Deep, rich copper.

Aroma of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Lightly peaty with notes of iodine and burnt wood. Floral green malt, sweet candyfloss and vanilla fudge, and subtle blueberry and raspberry accents.

Tasting Notes of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Sweet and spicy, with hints of classic Laphroaig peat and cold barbecue ash. Salted caramel and butterscotch, roast chestnut, a hint of peach, dried flowers and white pepper.

Finish of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Peaty and malty, with a lingering sweetness.

Maturation of Laphroaig Scotch Whisky


Double matured in a combination of first fill ex-bourbon American Oak barrels and Pedro Ximénez European Oak Hogheads.

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