10 Year Old

70cl40% vol

Our 10 Year Old is the original Laphroaig, distilled the same way today as when Ian Hunter invented it more than 75 years ago. It is the foundation of all other Laphroaig expressions.

In making Laphroaig, malted barley is dried over a peat fire. The smoke from this peat, found only on Islay, gives Laphroaig its particularly rich flavour.

Those enjoying the 10 Year Old will first notice the bold, smoky taste, followed by a hint of seaweed and a surprising sweetness. This full-bodied variant is the foundation of all Laphroaig expressions and comes with a long finish.

This whisky was also named 2019 Best Single Malt Scotch 10 Years & Under by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

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Tasting notes

  • Colour

    Full sparkling gold

  • NOSE

    Huge smoke, seaweedy, "medicinal", with a hint of sweetness.

  • BODY

    Full bodied.


    Surprising sweetness with hints of salt and layers of peatiness.



10 Year Old

70cl40% vol


In stock


  • 2018 International
    Spirits Challenge
  • 2017 International Wine
    & Spirit Competition
  • 2017 SF World Spirits Competition
  • 2016 SF World
    Spirits Competition
  • 2016 International Wine
    & Spirit Competition
  • 2016 International Spirits Challenge