70cl 48% vol

The 1815 Legacy Edition

For over two centuries, Laphroaig master craftsmen have worked to shape this richly flavored Scotch whisky.

This exceptional edition was created by current Laphroaig Distillery Manager, John Campbell, to honor those who have gone before him. Starting with malted barley that's gently smoked over a peat-fuelled fire, then distilled along with the clear water drawn from the legendary Kilbride stream, the spirit is aged twice.

The process begins in first-fill, over-charred ex-Bourbon barrels before moving into large, new European oak hogsheads for further maturation. The result is a deep orange-hued whisky which combines the signature peat smoke and medicinal flavor of Laphroaig with caramelized dark fruit. Serve neat, or pour over ice.

  • Whisky made in tribute to two centuries of Laphroaig master distillers

  • Developed by John Campbell to pay tribute to his predecessors

  • Notes of peat, caramelized dark fruit and oiled wood

  • Perfect balance of bitter, sweet, fruity and smoky flavors

  • Matured in ex-Bourbon barrels and new European oak hogsheads



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Tribute to the best

Laphroaig The 1815 whisky pays tribute to over two centuries of master distillers and blenders. Developed by current Distillery Manager John Campbell, it pays tribute to those who came before him and made Laphroaig what it is today — a rich and distinct Scotch whisky.

Matured in two types of oak, this single malt combines the distinctive peaty flavor of Laphroaig with notes of charred raisin and caramelized dark fruit. Signature notes of peat smoke come through on the finish. This whisky is perfect for fans of our 10 year old malt who want to try something a little different. It's best served neat or over ice. 

Taste passed down through generations

Laphroaig is one of the few distilleries that still uses a traditional malting floor, and this is where The 1815 starts its life. It begins as malted barley, gently dried and infused by the thick smoke from the peat kilns. It's then mixed with the crisp waters of the Kilbride Stream, one of Islay's unique natural features, before being distilled.

The spirit is matured twice — first in over-charred ex-Bourbon barrels to impart smoky notes of vanilla. It's then moved to large first-fill European oak hogsheads and left to rest in our warehouse, which sits a stone's throw from the rugged Atlantic coast.

Laphroaig The 1815 combines skills and techniques passed down through generations. Named for the year the distillery opened, it's a dram worthy of the craftsmen throughout the centuries.


  • Colour

    Deep sunset orange.

  • NOSE
    Signature peat-smoke with burnt apricot and raisin.
    Nut, peat and oiled-wood.
    Soft oak, notes of rich caramelised dark fruit and dried fruitiness.
    First-fill bourbon barrels and new European oak hogsheads.
    Neat or over ice.