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It is our great pleasure to introduce you to The Archive Collection, a limited series of uniquely aged whiskies honouring the dedication and craft of Distillers and capturing the full range of our single malt’s extraordinary depth and character.

The first release in the series is a 36 Year Old, a truly rare, cask strength whisky promising a broad spectrum of flavours and aromas. This single malt brings a new dimension to the unmistakable flavour of Laphroaig. Enthralling peaty and smoky notes with a salty edge, evolving gently over time.

Guided by boundless heart, passion and vigour, Laphroaig has always forged its own distinct path in an endeavour to create remarkable whiskies. The Archive Collection pays homage to this commitment, showcasing how intriguing our aged whiskies can be. 



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The Archive Collection 36 Year Old is limited to 400 bottles worldwide.

All 400 are laser-etched on hand blown green glass, inspired by the sea glass that washes up on the shores of our Islay beaches.

To ensure all our Friends get an equal opportunity to own a bottle of The Archive Collection 36 Year Old, we’ll be using an online ballot system for purchases. Read more below to find out how the ballot works.


Visitors to the beaches of Islay are sometimes lucky enough to find pieces of sea glass among the stones and pebbles. Sea glass is glass from items like bottles or jars that has found its way into the ocean and spent months or even years being buffeted around by the waves and eroded by the salt water. This wear and tear eventually turns shards of abandoned glass into smooth, beautifully coloured pieces of sea glass that wash up along with the tides.

It takes time and patience to turn plain, abandoned glass into something new and exciting. That same process is needed to make something as rich and delicious as The Archive Collection 36 Year Old.

“You think for a wee second that the fruits have taken over, and then right at the end the peat smoke reminds you - it’s Laphroaig"


During its 36 years, many have guarded over the maturation of this exceptional whisky. In fact, six different Distillery Managers have joined this whisky on its journey since it first began in the mid-1980s, with Murdo Reed leading the way, followed by Colin Ross, Iain Henderson, Robin Shields, John Campbell and most recently Barry MacAffer. 


As they and our Master Blender  knows only too well, preserving the peat and smokiness of a 36-year-old is a singular challenge that requires years of patience and intuition. From deciding which casks to use, to considering the weather and climate, a lot of thought and effort goes into the making of a whisky as special as The Archive 36 Year Old – it's as much a science as it is an art.


The surprising fruity flavour beneath our signature, peaty style is perfectly balanced from maturation first in ex-bourbon American oak casks, then resting in a second fill Oloroso hogshead. This sherry seasoning adds layers of subtlety, complexity and depth to a classically Laphroaig taste.


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Why is there a ballot instead of buying the bottle like usual?
With a limited number of bottles available, a ballot ensures that everyone gets a fair chance to buy one. This minimises the risk of scammers swooping in and buying up the stock, and ensures that the bottles go to good homes with our true Friends.


Can I enter more than once for an extra chance?
Entries are limited to one per person. We want all our Friends to have a fair chance of winning this exclusive limited edition, so we have limited entries to ensure the draw remains as fair as possible.


Why do you need my credit card details when I enter?
We ask for credit/debit card details as a security measure to make sure you’re not a bot. This keeps the ballot fair for everyone entering and also enables us to make sure there hasn’t been any fraudulent activity associated with the card.
If you’re successful in the ballot, you’ll then be automatically charged on the card details you provide, so there’s nothing extra you have to do.


Who runs the ballot?
Our ballot is being run by EQL, a trusted platform that keeps launches fair and secure. All launches run by EQL are certified Run FAIR, which you can read more about on their website. 


Do I purchase directly from EQL?
No, EQL are running the launch on our behalf, but you’ll be purchasing directly from Laphroaig. EQL can’t answer any product or delivery enquiries.


How do I find out if I am a winner?
If you’ve been successful in the ballot, we’ll contact you by email to confirm. At the same time, the card details you registered with will be charged. Then, you’ll soon be the lucky owner of an exclusive hand-blown green glass bottle of 36-year-old Laphroaig from the Archive Collection.


Where can this bottle be delivered?
The Archive Collection can only be shipped to the following countries: 
•    Australia
•    Austria
•    Belgium
•    France
•    Germany 
•    Israel 
•    Japan 
•    Netherlands 
•    Norway
•    Singapore 
•    Sweden
•    Switzerland 
•    Taiwan 
•    United Kingdom

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