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Laphroaig Water Jug - Boxed

Enjoy your Laphroaig with a touch of water? Now you never need go without." to "Enjoy your Laphroaig with a touch of water? With our glass whisky water jug you never need to go without.

Some whisky drinkers like a splash or two of water in their dram because it brings out extra flavours and aromas. While others prefer the intense and powerful experience of sipping whisky neat in its purest form, with a glass on the side. But everybody, as far as we’re aware, gets thirsty. 

Make sure you’re always well watered with our handcrafted ceramic Laphroaig whisky water jug. This jug is stained an earthy brown colour, a homage to the deeply smoky peat used to fire the kilns that flavour our world-famous peated whisky. 

The jug also features a portrait of our iconic distillery surrounded by the rugged Islay landscape, with the name ‘Laphroaig’ printed beneath it. This makes it the ideal whisky water jug to have by your side for the complete Laphroaig whisky-tasting experience. 

It also makes a superb gift for fans of whisky and Laphroaig and looks mighty fine behind a bar or on a shelf as decoration.  Plus, don’t tell anyone, but it’s a fantastic gravy jug too.  

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