Laphroaig scarf blowing in the wind on a field
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Laphroaig FOL Tartan Scarf

Woven at the Islay Woollen Mill, this Friends of Laphroaig tartan is inspired by our mossy landscape. It's the perfect thing to keep you warm on a windy Islay day​.

When you’re outside cutting peat in the Hebrides all day, you need something cosy to protect your neck from the swirling winds and sideways rain. Luckily, the Islay Woollen Mill is just a short journey across the island from our distillery and has been keeping everyone all wrapped up, with quality woollen textiles, since it was first established in 1883.

These days the mill is run by Gordon and Sheila Covell, who reopened in 1981 and have been turning out top quality woven fabrics ever since. In fact, their products as so renowned that they’ve featured in a raft of Hollywood blockbusters like Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Rob Roy, Warhorse and The Big Friendly Giant.

But our favourite piece in their range is our Friends of Laphroaig scarf. The scarf was specially created to commemorate Friends of Laphroaig, a community of our most passionate peated whisky fans. And if you’re not a member yet, we’d love to have you.

It features our iconic Friends of Laphroaig tartan inspired by the deep mossy green landscape that we like to call our home. It’s made from 100% lambswool and has the iconic Friends of Laphroaig insignia embroidered with golden thread, encircled by the maxim ‘spirited folk of oak and smoke’.

This makes the scarf a perfect addition to any Laphroaig-lover’s winter wardrobe for those chilly days out of the house, whether you’re cutting peat or not.

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