Image of merchandise Lanyard in full size
Image of Laphroaig merchndise Lanyard with hook open

Laphroaig Lanyards - Green

Go hands free and never spill a drop of your favourite Laphroaig with our lanyard specifically designed to hold a small dram glass.

First day of Fèis Ìle – The Islay Festival

The smell of peat smoke and sea salt fills the air as you step foot on the beach at Laphroaig. It is the first day of Fèis Ìle – The Islay Festival. As you ready your palette to savour your first drop of this year’s release of Cairdeas, your heart skips a beat when the distiller apologizes and says they’ve some how run out of tasting glasses.

In that moment, horror transforms to bliss as you remember you had the foresight to wear your Laphroaig Lanyard. But this lanyard does not bear your name, as its sole purpose of being is to hold a single 70ml dram glass.

The clouds part as a glimmer of sunshine beams down proving this moment was meant to be. While the ill-prepared turn a deep shade of Laphroaig green as they can only fill themselves with envy, you inform the distiller that you are no mere attendee, but a true Friend of Laphroaig.

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Image of Laphroaig merchandise Lanyard
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