Laphroaig whisky being toasted in dram glass



  • Why is there a ballot instead of buying the bottle like usual?

    With a limited number of bottles available, a ballot will make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to buy one. With purchase limited to one bottle, it ensures bottles go to good homes with our true Friends.

  • Can I enter more than once for an extra chance?

    Entries are limited to one per person. We want all our Friends to have a fair chance at owning this fabulous limited edition release, so we have limited entries to ensure the draw remains as fair as possible.

  • Why do you need my credit card details when I enter?

    We ask for credit/debit card details as a security measure to make sure you’re not a bot. This keeps the ballot fair for everyone entering and also enables us to make sure there hasn’t been any fraudulent activity associated with the card.

    If you’re successful in the ballot, you’ll then be automatically charged using the card details you provided, so there’s nothing extra you have to do.

  • Who runs the ballot?

    Our ballot is being run by EQL, a trusted platform that keeps launches fair and secure. All launches run by EQL are certified Run FAIR, which you can read more about on their website

  • Do I purchase directly from EQL?

    No, EQL are running the launch on our behalf, but you’ll be purchasing directly from Laphroaig. EQL can’t answer any product or delivery enquiries.

  • How do I find out if I am a winner?

    If you’ve been successful in the ballot, we’ll contact you by email to confirm. At the same time, the card details you registered with will be charged. Then, you’ll soon be the lucky owner of an exclusive bottle of Francis Mallmann 17-year-old Laphroaig.

Laphroaig whisky being toasted in dram glass


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