70cl 48% vol

Port Wood


Laphroaig Port Wood combines the signature flavor of Laphroaig with the rich, fruity character of ruby port. This soft and well-rounded single malt Scotch has flavors of red berries, seaweed and smoky peat. Made to a time-honored method, it starts with gently drying malted barley over a peat-fuelled fire. After being mixed with the crystal clear waters of the Kilbride Stream, the barley is distilled and aged in charred ex-Bourbon barrels.

These enhance the smokiness of the peat and impart a hint of vanilla. After maturation, the whisky is transferred to ex-ruby Port barrels where it picks up the subtle fruitiness of Portugal's famous dessert wine. Originally released as Laphroaig Brodir — meaning brother — this Laphroaig expression is perfect for sharing with loved ones. It's best served neat, or over ice.

  • Richly flavored Scotch whisky with hints of ruby port sweetness

  • Matured in ex-Bourbon barrels and finished in ex-ruby Port casks

  • Double aged for a mellow flavor

  • Flavors of red berries, honey and vanilla complement signature peat

  • An updated expression of Laphroaig Brodir



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Soft and rich

Laphroaig Port Wood is our unmistakable Islay Scotch, softened by the rich dried fruit taste of port. Double-aged, this soft and well-rounded single malt marries the signature flavors of peat smoke with aromatic notes of red berries, honey and toasted vanilla. It's a reimagination of Laphroaig Brodir, which means "brother", so it's an ideal dram for celebrating togetherness. Serve neat or over a couple of ice cubes.

This single malt Scotch whisky starts the same way as each Laphroaig expression does: on the historic malting floor. This is where the barley is gently dried and toasted in the thick blue smoke of the kilns, fired by the peat which is unique to Islay. This imparts the characteristic flavor that makes our peated whisky unmistakable. It's then mashed with the crisp clear waters of the Kilbride Stream, another of Islay's special features, before going through distillation.

Delicate taste

The spirit is then left to rest in ex-Bourbon barrels. The insides are charred to impart a smoky flavor to the resulting spirit, while the American oak itself adds notes of vanilla. After resting in our storehouse, a stone's throw from the Atlantic Ocean, the whisky is transferred into ex-ruby Port barrels where it finishes its maturation.

For more than two centuries, the master distillers of Laphroaig have been following time-honored traditions to craft this rich Scotch whisky. Innovations, such as aging in port wood, ensure there's a Laphroaig expression for everyone.


  • Colour

    Natural antique ruby gold

  • NOSE
    Dark chocolate and menthol with pink peppercorns. Toasted peaches and charred marshmallows and hint of plum jam, all intertwined with Iodine rich peat smoke.
  • BODY

    Full bodied.

    Mouth Warming and mouth coating with a lingering finish and slat on the lips
    Honey Sweet with medicinal smoke.