We know Laphroaig will not be for everyone. We’re OK with that.

Whether you prefer our peaty taste or can’t handle the ‘punch in the face’ smoky flavour (Friends of Laphroaig words, not ours), we are open to your opinions. Really. Our feelings won’t be hurt and we’ll gladly welcome you to our island, anyways.

If you’re still waiting to be convinced on why our peated single malt Scotch is one of a kind, stop reading now. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Seriously, have you collected your rent and found your plot on Laphroaig Islay?

If you are a Friends of Laphroaig member, you have your own unique plot waiting on Islay. You can collect your rent when you arrive, claim your plot, and take a tour of the distillery. It’s true; we’ve welcomed Friends of Laphroaig across the world on Islay and in our distillery.

Curious? We thought you’d be. Learn how to visit your Laphroig plot and collect your rent on Islay.

Table of Contents

  1. Become a Friend of Laphroaig
  2. Visiting your Laphroaig Plot
  3. Collecting your Rent
  4. Bonus: Register for a Distillery Tour

Become a Friend of Laphroaig

One of the benefits of Friends of Laphroaig is owning your own plot of land on Islay (yes, your own land!). One square foot of land you can (sort of) call home. Aside from being a ‘landlord’ on Laphroaig, other benefits for being a friend are redeeming points for items and collecting rent when you arrive at the distillery.

To become a Friend of Laphroaig, you must purchase a bottle. Each tube containing your bottle has a booklet.

On the back of this booklet, you will find a unique reference number (URN). This is how you can login into the ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ system and claim your honorary plot of land at the distillery!

Steps to become a ‘Friend of Laphroaig’:

  1. Find your URN and go to our website.
  2. Enter in your URN and country and fill out the simple form.
  3. You are now a ‘whisky landlord’!

Visiting Your Laphroaig Plot

Once you’ve become a member of ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ and are an official ‘whisky landlord’, we welcome you to join us for a visit to claim your land and tour the distillery!

Your ‘Friend of Laphroaig’ plot is located near the Kilbride Stream and can be marked with a flag. Your plot is a lifetime lease allowing you to claim rent, yearly.

What’s rent you ask? One dram of smoky, peaty, slap-in-the-face perfection. Again, Friends of Laphroaig words, not ours.

Materials you’ll need to claim your plot (accessible once you’re a Friend of Laphroaig member):

  1. Your printed plot certificate
  2. Your plot coordinates

When you visit Islay, you can secure your plot and make a visit to tour the distillery, and of course, collect your rent (a dram on us!).

How to claim your plot:

  1. When you arrive to Islay and the Laphroaig distillery, we’ll be waiting at registration with your wellies, a flag, a map, directions, and a few other items to brave the weather.
  2. After changing into wellies and your overcoat, you can use our GPS system to locate your plot.
  3. When you have found it, mark your plot with your flag!

Welcome ‘home’, friend!

Collecting your Rent

Friends are entitled to a yearly ground rent of one dram of Laphroaig at the distillery.

After claiming your plot, join us for a dram overlooking Islay and finally being ‘home’! You can savor your Laphroaig overlooking your plot, enjoying the view of the Kilbride Stream, or soaking up the distillery.

We’ll leave you to your moment.

Register for a Distillery Tour

After finding your plot and savouring ‘rent’, experience the rest of our distillery through a tour.

You can see the floor malting, taste limited expressions of our oath of liquid friendship (Friends of Laphroaig editions), or an entire water to whisky experience. We’ve welcomed guests from all over the world to see what everyday looks like on the island, and what the distillery team and John Campbell work on to bring the spicy, peppery lava called Laphroaig, to life. (Friends of Laphroaig words, not ours.)

Will we see you soon, friend?

At Laphroaig Islay, we invite all ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ with openness. If you’ve come to love our peaty taste and smoky flavor, you’re always welcome here.

So, what will it be?

Will we see you at ‘home’ soon?

Rent will be waiting for you at the distillery! Become a ‘Friend of Laphroaig’ and secure your plot.

Lifelong friend? Pay us a visit and tour the grounds. We’ve got your dram waiting.

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