Raise a dram to Robert Burns


As January's brisk air washes over Islay, we find ourselves on the cusp of a cherished Scottish tradition – Burns Night, a celebration of the immortal Robert Burns, the famed Scottish poet and lyricist.

At Laphroaig, we hold dear the traditions that unite us. We can think of no better way to honour the legacy of Burns than with a glass of our exceptional whisky; crafted with the same passion and artistry as Burns' timeless verses.

Whisky holds a central role in Burns Night celebrations, which are normally held on or near the poet's birthday on January 25th. Often raised in toasts throughout the evening as companion to the rich traditions of the festivities, a dram or two enhances a sense of friendship as people come together to celebrate.

A traditional Burns Supper follows a structured format, including the iconic Address to a Haggis – a poetic tribute to the haggis, check out the incredible Richard Wright from our visitor’s centre giving his version here.

In honour of Burns Night, we’re offering the following items free with purchases made between Thursday 18th January and Thursday 1st February (while stock lasts)*:

  • Revel in complimentary Coasters with orders over 80€
  • Indulge in complimentary Whisky Stones with orders over 150€
  • Or wrap yourself in the warmth of a free Laphroaig Scarf on orders over 250€


These treasures are our way of extending the Burns Night celebration to you, echoing the heartfelt toasts and friendship that define this special occasion.


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