• Whisky Tumbler


    The very best way to enjoy your dram. This beautiful whisky tumbler is made exclusively…
    • RangeGlassware
  • Laphroaig Water Jug


    Hand-thrown pottery jug from Campbeltown Pottery, created especially for Laphroaig. This deep green glazed jug…
    • RangeGlassware
  • Official FoL Tasting Glass


    What could be more appropriate for a Friend of Laphroaig than an official tasting glass!
    • RangeGlassware
  • Laphroaig Decanter


    Beautiful Glencairn Decanter with Laphroaig logo.
    • RangeGlassware
  • #OpinionsWelcome
    Salty kiss from a friendly fish in a smoky pub Logan Marston Friend of laphroaig since 2013