Image of Laphroaig Pen
Image of Laphroaig merchandise Pen with cover

Laphroaig Pen And Box

Plenty may have thought to write us off — but if they did, they didn’t have a proper pen for the task.

Manifestation of Beauty from Simplicity

What better instrument to have with you when needing to jot down a gift list, or maybe even a small sonnet that comes to mind when you pass by the shoreline? Remember it all with the jot of a pen.

Taking inspiration from our distinctive Friends of Laphroaig Scarf and tartan bound Notebook, our Pen and Carry Pouch manifest beauty from simplicity. Our pure wool Laphroaig tartan is balanced against the warmth of honey coloured leather, which combine to bring strokes of confidence with every letter written.

If all pens were so charming, perhaps no one would have ever dreamt of a typewriter.

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