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The Queen of the Hebrides

Our home is a breathtaking and rugged island cast adrift off the West Coast of Scotland.

Islay (pronounced eye-la) lies more westerly than Land’s End and further south than Edinburgh or Glasgow. In winter, Atlantic storms can isolate the island, sweeping ferries off course and forcing back aircraft. In spring, the island becomes a garden warmed by the Gulf Stream. Year-round the island is a haven for wildlife - white tailed sea eagles, pilot whales, bottle-nosed dolphins, otters and fallow deer to name but a few. Mysteries of Islay’s history are still being unearthed. Hillsides are littered with standing stones erected by Bronze Age Celts. Later, the island became an early Christian settlement, visited by St. Columba it then became a Viking stronghold. Over the millennia, Islay’s island geography and weather has shaped the communities that live and work here. Strong, independent and uncompromising folk with a deep sense of community spirit. We appreciate the arduous journey anyone makes to visit our island - and are always ready with a warm handshake and a dram for those who make the trip.

"We don't make friends easily, but when we do, they're for life."

As a Friend of Laphroaig you’ll be given an honorary lifetime lease on a plot of land (an entire square foot) close to our all-important water source – the Kilbride Stream.




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