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Laphroaig dram glass
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Laphroaig Small Dram Glass

Bring out the best in every dram. This branded glass is designed to enhance our whisky, with curves and proportions that magnify the aroma and flavour. 

Whisky lovers are constantly looking for ways to enhance their enjoyment of a good dram and a proper whisky glass is a great place to start. This Laphroaig-branded dram glass is designed to capture the aromas of our complex spirit for the full Laphroaig tasting experience.

You see, there are two sides to a successful whisky tasting, because drinking the stuff is only half the fun. Having a good whiff is something you should never turn your nose up at. The glass is designed with a wide bottom so you can swirl your whisky around. This releases a bounty of delicious peaty aromas that collect at the narrow top. Ready for you to appreciate with a few deep sniffs before you take a sip.

This particular glass has a weighty bottom for a sturdy, balanced receptacle for your Laphroaig. Because the last thing you want are spillages of your favourite dram ruining the moment.

If you’re looking to enhance your whisky tasting experience, then add one to your collection. It also makes a great gift for fans of Laphroaig or those who are just getting into their whisky.

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