Image of Laphroaig Bar mat in full vertical length

Laphroaig Bar Runners

Keep your bar top protected from any drips and spills whilst adding a bit of Islay to your home bar, with our Laphroaig Bar Runner.

Truly an impeccable taste

If there is one truism about Friends of Laphroiag, it is they truly have impeccable taste. Therefore, one can safely assume that a true Friend would have furnishings equally distinct as their favourite bottle of Laphroaig.

So for our Friends, perfectionists, and whisky fans alike, our Laphroaig Bar Runner provides more than just a steady, non-marring surface for your bottles and glasses – it is a comforting reminder that every dram of Laphroaig will always taste better when it is not accompanied by worry over the little spills and mishaps that happen in life.

Image of Laphroaig merchandise Bar mat