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Laphroaig Hipflask

Keep your friends close and your whisky closer. Conveniently keep your favourite dram at your hip with this hipflask.

Perhaps we’ve gone a step too far, but we believe there’s no better way to hold Laphroaig close to your heart, than our signature whisky flask. Kept close at hand for those long blustery strolls with man’s best friend, you’ll find your spirits and belly blissfully warmed.

Beautifully wrapped in Laphroaig green leather, our stainless steel shell keeps the elements out while protecting the spirits within. And in the true spirit of friendship, of course our flask comes with a pair of dram glasses – for what better way to enjoy a dram of Laphroaig than with a mate or two.

And speaking of friends, there’s no rule saying you can only purchase a single flask just for you. Best to keep your friends close and your Laphroaig closer.

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