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  • Riccardo Pucci
  • Mr.George
    George Kline

    What is 120 points

  • Kathrin Lehmann
  • Bret McMahon
  • Plot
    Aditya Ojha

    Plz tell your concept of getting plot what it’s ??

  • ragamala9
    K.Prasad Menon

    Any one planning to attend WeHa whisky festival in Hartford CT on October 13, 2018 ? The proceeds benefit Camp Courant for inner city children. Laphroaig is one of the 100s of Single Malt and other scotch along with Whiskeys from every where available for tasting. Details @

  • Cairdeas Fino

    Hi all,

    Does anybody know how many bottles of this were produced?

    Many thanks,


  • Import
    Travis Esau

    Has anyone imported a bottle straight from Laphroaig to Canada. Looking at buying a personalized bottle and don’t want to get screwed

  • Scotland!
    Andy Goddard

    When the site asks for my country, I can only pick ‘UK’ and I get a union flag…I’d rather a saltire and Scotland! 🙂

  • Des

    I’m trying to add points but it is telling me my unique number is already used

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