Original Laphroaig?

We are often asked however, does today’s Laphroaig taste exactly as it would have done nigh on 200 years ago when the Johnston brothers first (illicitly) started distilling Laphroaig?

Laphroaig is famous for its iron determination to change as little as is humanly possible in our distillery process. It is the reason we are one of only a handful of distilleries still using traditional malting floors. Why we still dry and infuse our own malt with the thick blue smoke from our old peat fired kilns, creating the famous ‘peat reek’. Nor of course would we ever alter the unique shape of our small copper stills. So the easy answer is, yes it does.

But inevitably some things do change over time. We now bottle to the universal 40° Alcohol by volume worldwide standard, and to prevent ‘clouding’ due to

temperature changes as it is transported around the globe, we now ‘chill filter’ our standard proof whisky. But the most significant change is one that has gone almost unnoticed, perhaps because the practice ceased so many years ago, the use of the Quarter Cask.